Annual Report 2009
Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009 – Competition policy works!

In its annual report for 2009, the Norwegian Competition Authority has taken a closer look at the tangible effects of four specific competition cases.

The results of these evaluations can be summarised relatively easily: competition policy benefits consumers and business that face tough international competition.

The distribution of football rights among several providers has helped to create a broader product selection and lower prices for the benefit of consumers. The Nord-Trøndelag Health Trust is saving NOK 2 million per year as a result of competition in patient transport. And several county administrations have made changes to increase competition as a result of comments from the Competition Authority. These examples illustrate the importance of having efficient competition policy.

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For the first time, the annual report is published exclusively as an online version. This is both environmentally sound and cost saving. At the same time, the publication is searchable and easy-to-follow. The online annual report is also suitable for printing.


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