In the first list to the left you will find cases where a standardized notification is filed and where a complete notification has not (yet) been ordered.

In the second list you will find cases where a complete notification has been ordered and/or received. If there is no date in the column named "Complete notification received", a complete notification has been ordered but not yet received.

Please note:
There may be a delay after the parties receive an order to submit a complete notification before this is reflected in the list. (In most cases the list will be updated within the next working day).

Notification of concentrations

The Norwegian Competition Act requires that concentrations (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) are notified to the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Mergers and acquisitions are prohibited from being implemented before they have been notified to and reviewed by the Competition Authority.

Read more about the obligation to notify concentrations


Concentrations currently reviewed by the Competition Authority

All notifications of concentrations received by the Competition Authority are announced on these pages. Open cases are listed below. Closed cases can be found in our archive.

Please contact the Norwegian Competition Authority if you have comments on a certain case. The deadline for making such comments is 12 calendar days after a standardized notification is received by the Competition Authority. In the case of a complete notification, there is no set deadline.

Concentrations currently reviewed (standardized notifications)

Concentrations currently reviewed (complete notifications)

Currently reviewed, received in 2013 fullstendig melding
TitleComplete notification received:
Norsk Gjenvinning AS - Avfall Sør Bedrift AS28/01/2014
Last changed: 27/02/2014

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