Who answers what about electric power?

Many of the questions people have regarding energy prices fall under other agencies' responsibilities. Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), the Consumer Council and the Consumer Ombudsman are, in most cases, the appropriate agencies to ask.

Questions regarding network tariffs, meter reading and situations when a power company withdraws from the market should be directed to NVE. NVE's consumer website (Norwegian) has questions and answers about electric power and energy.

Consumer Council
Questions regarding the interpretation of contracts on electricity supply, such as the Top Ten guarantees, duration of the lock-in period, and similar questions should be directed to the Consumer Council, a body that works to safeguard consumers' interests.

The Consumer Council has, among other things, oversight over your rights as an electric power customer and is the appropriate institution to contact if you are unhappy with your electricity supply contract and wish to complain.

Consumer Ombudsman
The Consumer Ombudsman enforces the Marketing Act and can answer questions about electric power companies' marketing methods and standard contracts for the provision of electric power.

Competition Authority
The Competition Authority is responsible for ensuring that competition in the electricity market works as well as possible. This is to get the best possible utilization of society’s resources. On this basis, the Authority has created the electricity price comparison database to raise consumers’ awareness that it may pay to switch supplier. If you have questions or comments about the electricity price comparison database, please contact the Competition Authority at kraftpris@kt.no.


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Last changed: 09/06/2011